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party at my house bring food then leave

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Dragon eyes are awesome

And those textures…like…wow…

The colors, the textures…. everything!!! THEY’RE MASTERS IN DETAILS

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You know you’re in for a long haul when the book has a map on the first page

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So, I was in the car with my mom talking about RotBTD, and she brought up that they might not be able to understand each other, because

Jack speaks English,

Rapunzel would speak German

Hiccup would speak old Norse (and maybe dragonese).

And Merida would speak Gaelic.

Imagine North being all, “This is great idea! They will be powerful group!” and then getting them together and none of them can understand each other and it’s all just one big language ball of confusion. North would be so upset and lost. after all,

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